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Do you have a large quantity of gently used books, vinyl, one-of-a-kinds or vintage anything? We want to know more. To start the conversation, drop us an email. We’re already stoked to hear from you!


Need more space for your passion? Selling a Collection? 2nd & Charles could help!

We are looking for people like you – passionate collectors, music appreciators, book lovers, and pop culture & art enthusiasts who are looking to sell all or portions of their collections.


Vinyl Music Collections

No collection is too large! We love vinyl and are always looking to share the chance to share appreciation of music. We interested in all types of records. Here’s how it works.

We Need to Know:

FYI: How Vinyl Records are Evaluated

What We’re Looking to Buy:

We primarily consider buying 33 LP’s. We will look at 45’s and 78’s, but we are very selective there. Here is a list of the genres we look for the most:

What We Don’t Buy:

As you can see from the above list, we look for and appreciate a wide range of genres, but unfortunately there are some categories of records we can’t buy. This includes Easy Listening and Big Band records, Time Life albums, Reader’s Digest, Children’s story records, and exercise albums. There will also be parts of any collection we will pass on due to the content or condition.


Book Collections

What We Look For:

We need to know the genres represented in your book collection. As a reader did you focus on Sci-Fi or Horror? Are you a George R.R. Martin fan, or do you tend to prefer historical fiction?

We also need to know the condition of your collection, like how and where the books have been stored. We also look for things like the condition of the cover – do the books have dust jackets or not? Other questions we need answered include: do you have any books from before 1970? Any special bindings in your collection? Any books with water damage or mold?

We consider almost all genres of books. We love to get newly released titles, but also take rare and autographed books. We also look at Bibles and comic book collections.

What We Don’t Buy:

While we love books sometimes there are things we must pass on. Right now, we’re not buying:

Books with damaged spines, missing pages or severe water damage can’t be accepted. We may also reject books based on age in certain categories, such as older Travel Guides, or outdated business or tax prep titles. These sorts of things will be discussed when we evaluate your collection.


Selling Your Collection – How It Works

Once you decide to say goodbye to part or all of your collection, send us an email with your name, location, phone number, and what type of collection you have. We will email or call you to ask a few questions about your collection and based on what we learn will determine if we can arrange to see the collection on site or set up a time for you to bring what you have to your local store.